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Our Vision

We are the trusted partner for pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical customers, providing clinical and commercial supply chain solutions in the shared goal of improving patient’s lives.

Our Strategy

  • Invest in organic growth positioning PCI as solution provider
  • Operations excellence through one PCI
  • Differentiate through technology and talent
  • M&A / partnerships to compliment and enter new markets

Global Experts

PCI is the leading global expert in pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical supply chain solutions. With a 50-year track record of excellence, you can count on PCI for outsourced solutions to manufacture, package and deliver medications to patients all over the world. Our seasoned team has the experience to help you take compounds from the earliest stages of development through to a successful commercial launch.

Solutions Partners

Our clients come to us seeking solutions to complex and unique opportunities because of our reputation as offering unmatched flexibility, a client-centric experience and consultative approach.

Human to the Core

The people who work at PCI drive our business. At the core, they are deeply human and understand that at the end of the day every action they take is ultimately improving lives. With this in mind, we never say “no,” we figure out “how.”

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When it comes to pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical supply chain expertise who do you trust?

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